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10 Incredible Facts about our Galaxy

NASA had Humor

NASA's first space shuttle was called Enterprise - like the spaceship from the cult series Star Trek. Actually it should have been named "Constitution" and should have been presented on Constitution Day. But after numerous Trekkie letters to the then US President Gerald R. Ford, the shuttle was named after the series.


Diamond Rain

Planet with Clouds

According to American planetary researchers, it is raining diamonds on the two largest planets in the solar system - Saturn and Jupiter. When lightning bolts penetrate the planet's atmosphere and release soot particles, these sink through the atmosphere and are compressed by the high pressure in the gas envelope. The diamonds can be a few millimeters to a few centimeters in size, suspect researchers Mona Delitsky and Kevin Baines. Such gemstones should also be found on Uranus and Neptune.

Gods in our planet systems

In our solar system, the earth is the only one of the eight planets that was not named after a deity. Mercury bears the name of the Roman messenger of the gods Mercurius. The goddess of love gave the planet Venus its name. Mars is known as the god of war. The name of the highest deity, that of the Heavenly Father, in Roman mythology is Jupiter. Saturn goes back to Saturnus, the god of sowing. Neptune is the Roman god of flowing waters. Uranus doesn't quite fit into the picture. This planet was named after the English King George III after its discovery in 1781. named. It has only been called Uranus since 1850. It was named after Uranos, the god of heaven. This makes Uranus the only planet that was named after a Greek deity.


The smallest planet isn't anymore

Since 2006 Pluto (Pluto = god of the underworld) is no longer one of the planets, but one of the dwarf planets. The reason for this: The International Astronomical Union (IAU) had changed the definition of a planet. After that, Pluto no longer met the criteria of a plane


Every name has a different source

Asteroids, moon craters and comets - new celestial bodies are discovered almost every day. And all of them are named. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) in Paris is responsible for this. Your goal is really to give a name to everything in space. But the heavenly bodies are not given indiscriminate terms. The IAU follows certain criteria. For example, the satellites of Venus are female and the hills of the Saturn mode Titan are named after people from Middle-earth. Rocks on Mars, on the other hand, were named after desserts. Stars, on the other hand, are given letters from the Greek alphabet.


How old is our solar system?

Our solar System

Our solar system is 4.57 billion years old. It was created by the collapse of a hydrogen cloud.


Large planet with few time

The largest planet is Jupiter. At the same time, the days are the shortest there. They only last 9.8 hours. This is also where the longest storm is raging: for 340 years.

Moon day

Sunset in Tokyo

A day on the moon lasts almost a whole month, around 27 days. During this time he goes around the earth and himself. That is why we only ever see one side of the moon on earth. If you want to know more about the moon, check out our blog post about the moon.

Ring of Saturn

The special rings of Saturn are made up of billions of small moons as well as rocks and ice. Some of Saturn's moons are even made entirely of frozen water. In addition, the planet is not for those who fear thunderstorms: lightning is a million times stronger than on earth.

Icy Neptune

Neptune is so icy. More precisely on its moon Triton, where ice volcanoes spew liquid nitrogen.


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