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Star Master - little Lamp with huge Possibilities

The Star Master


The Star Master

Our currently most popular lamp or projector is the Star Master. And rightly so. It is a small device, flexible and has been used for years by people both large and small.

Our starry sky projector is a fascinating toy, but also a concentrated power for romance.

Imagine you come home, it's already dark, your son is telling you how it was at school and wants to go to bed and have a good night story read to you. Then you turn on your Star Master and see how his eyes start to shine. Let's be honest, it's always the glow in our children's eyes that we want to evoke in secret and therefore give them all the beautiful things. So why not put away your cell phones, turn on the gadget and have a nice family time together? Believe me, you will remember this time for the rest of your life.

All right, different scenario. You're sitting in the car with your girlfriend, you've driven all the way out of town and up a mountain. You finally want to spend a romantic time together and what happens? Fog. Great, just when it doesn't feel right. You realize that you can't save the situation with words, you're disappointed yourself. What now? Back home? No, now you shine with the apparent children's toy. It might be funny at first, but hey, situation relaxed. And suddenly, but the expected starry sky. And everything else I leave to you now ...

These are only two situations in which the little wonder lamp can help out. There are no limits to your imagination. But who do I tell that. Just give it a try. It is our cheapest product, we have a top satisfaction guarantee and the holidays are coming closer and closer.


Thanks for reading and see you soon

Your Bern

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