Our Lunar Lamp Vision

What makes the Moonlight Lamp so special?

 Beutiful Moonlight Lamp

Our Moonlight Lamp is a masterpiece of the latest 3D printing technology. With the help of satellite images from NASA, we have managed to create a moon from a 3D print. Of course, this was not as easy as it sounds at first sight.


It was a long way from the idea to the bedside lamp. Furthermore, many hurdles had to be overcome to get where we are now and have this collections of night lights.


And you know what?


We have made the best moon lamp. But one thing at a time.

First there was the simple idea of fun, a feast for the eyes. With more and more time the idea became a project. (In the beginning it should have been a ball, but what do you want with an uneven ball?).


Satellite pictures had to be taken. And then converting them to a 3D printing version is even more complicated. But if you have this passion, you want to make this work. The Idea of an lunar moon lamp.


However, the Internet offers all kinds of help if you know what you are looking for. Soon we found a 3D print designer that is unique in this field. His name is Michael W. (We had to shorten his name in the meantime, as he is pursuing other ideas and projects, what a pity!)


Michael is a mid-30 year old man with long hair and always wears a checkered shirt. His peculiarity was not to let people finish, because he already knew what you wanted before they said it.


He helped the project to the next level. Even before we thought any further, Michael had already developed the lamp.


3D printing is generally safe, but we wanted to be sure. We had our lamp certified. And we had it certified three times.


 With these certificates we were able to start. But a "simple" MoonLight Lamp was not enough for us. A store with only one product? That seems untrustworthy.


But we wanted to put a piece of the universe into every living room. So we searched for additional products and found the "Ocean Wave Projector" very quickly. We immediately fell in love with the wave maker.


So now we had two excellent products and built the site and blog. In no time the first orders came.


"Awesome Products, we want more" "Do you have other things?" The hour of our store was born.

In the meantime we have 7 unique products in our store. We have customers from all over the world and thanks to the increasing demand we also have the opportunity to develop ourselves further.

We are looking forward to the fact that from a simple idea, a vision was born. Thanks to you, you are great.

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Here we have another version of the Moon Lamp

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