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Moon Replica Lamp is now Moonlight Lamp

Why did we change the name?

Moonlight Lamp

We have received more and more inquiries whether the "Moon Replica Lamp" is genuine or a copy of another lamp. This led increasingly to uncertainty, which is why we have now changed the name.


We guarantee that it is an original. More importantly, we put a lot of love into our product, our site and our blog. The "MoonLight Lamp" remains in high quality. If you still see the link description to the "Moon Replica Lamp" somewhere, do not be confused. We will change this bit by bit. Promise!


Furthermore, we want our customers to be completely satisfied and trust us completely. We want to improve ourselves constantly and want to know every little thing that bothers you, of course. If you have suggestions, criticism or something doesn't fit, don't be afraid to write us at We are there for you, day and night.


On this occasion please visit our blog "What's new" about further Product information and Site changes

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